UCC Industries International Inc is very excited about our recent addition to the company, The Mechanical Supports Division.  By combining the use of metal framing with various rooftop and floor mounted support items offered by our partners, we are able to effectively solve all HVAC Support issues our customers may have.

Rooftop Support Systems (RTS)

Since 2014, UCC Industries International Inc has partnered with RTS, Rooftop Support Systems (a division of Eberl Iron Works, in Buffalo NY).  RTS Systems provide innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for non-penetrating rooftop support systems, using fully engineered and pre-built components to ensure easy installation.  The design operations allow customized components to fit specific applications, making RTS the best choice for Pipe, HVAC, Conduit, Duct Support, Crossovers, and Walkway Systems.  UCC Industries International Inc is proud to supply RTS products throughout Eastern Canada.

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C-Port Rooftop Support Solutions

In addition, UCC Industries International Inc has worked with Clearline Technologies of Winnipeg MB since 2005 to develop and grow the market for their division, C-Port Rooftop Support Solutions. C-Port Rooftop Support Solutions specializes in pre-engineered roof-walk systems, mechanical support systems, and AC anti-vibration products.  Clearline’s vision and dedication to their products is unsurpassed, and UCC Industries International Inc is proud to work with them throughout Ontario.

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