Wolfa has been producing and processing glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) for almost 60 years.

This plastic material with its outstanding characteristics is used in all areas where durability and structural stability is essential. GRP has become an integral and indispensable component in car engineering, shipbuilding and the aerospace industry. WOLFA, pioneer in the production of glass fiber reinforced windows, has been using this material as a sheet molding compound (SMC), a mixture of polyester resin, mineral filling material and a high portion of glass fibers.

The glass fiber compound and the thermosetting polyester resin guarantee greatest stability and shape retention even under extreme conditions. Unlike traditional thermoplastics such as PVC or polypropylene, our SMC cannot be reshaped by heat once it has hardened, and retains its sturdy and stable characteristics even when exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations.

The advantages of the WOLFA GRP Trench Drains

  • break-proof
  • light weight
  • extremely robust
  • resistant to a multitude of chemicals
  • resistant to frost, heat and hot asphalt
  • resistant to oil, gasoline and liquid manure

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