UCC Industries International Inc has been involved in the Concrete Construction industry since 1996 when a relationship was formed with The Burke Group.  Though many things have changed since that time, the fundamentals have not, and we are still pleased to work with the two main companies that have evolved from that period, Halfen USA, and Meadow Burke Products.


Halfen Anchoring Systems

For over 80 years, Halfen Anchoring Systems have been used for a multitude of applications in commercial, institutional, and industrial construction projects worldwide. A full line of pre-engineered systems with built in adjustability are available for faster, easier installations of building facades, structural components, services, and equipment. We offer products for glazing, precast, masonry and concealed lintels, stone anchors and much more. UCC Industries International Inc is proud to offer Halfen Anchoring Systems since 1996 exclusively in SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS, PE, and NF. Please click on the Halfen icon to learn more today.


Meadow Burke Products

Meadow Burke Products has served the construction industry for more than seven decades, helping architects, engineers, and contractors with a superior line of concrete accessories. They are a company known for quality, reliability, product innovation, dependability, and superb customer service. Many of North America’s construction projects insist upon using only Meadow Burke products in their concrete forming and lifting jobs. UCC Industries International Inc is proud to represent the entire Meadow Burke Line since 1996 exclusively in ON and QC, and on a non-exclusive basis in MB and SK. Please click on the Meadow Burke icon to learn more today.


Nox-Crete Products Group

Nox-Crete Products Group has been providing “chemical solutions for concrete problems” since introducing the world first chemically active bondbreaker in 1956. Since then, they have put their understanding of concrete chemistry to work in developing a full line of concrete chemicals, including form-release agents, tilt-up bondbreakers, liquid floor hardeners, joint fillers, curing and sealing compounds, and water repellants. UCC Industries International Inc is proud to represent Nox-Crete since 2003 exclusively in MB, ON and QC. Please click on the icon to learn more today.


The Tilt-Up Construction Association (TCA)

The Tilt-Up Construction Association (TCA) is North America’s premier educator on the benefits of using site cast tilt-up construction for building. UCCI has been an advocate and supporter of this construction method since 2000. Although it is a slow process to become popular in the ON area, we believe it is an excellent way to construct buildings and encourage you to find out more about it by clicking on the icon.